Prevail Fluff Underpads 23×36″


Effective and comfortable protection

  1. Absorbent Fluff Layer
  2. Waterproof Barrier
  3. Extra Strong Construction
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Prevail® Underpads provide reliable and comfortable protection that helps keep beds, linens, chairs and other surfaces dry and clean. They are soft, absorbent and durable even when wet. Features include: 1) Fluff Underpads feature a fluff layer to quickly pull and lock up liquid  2) Waterproof Barrier for effective protection 3) Extra strong construction


You’re not alone

Millions of people experience bladder leakage. Around 50% of women and 15% of men will experience bladder leakage at some point in their life. It can happen to anyone at any time, for a variety of different reasons.

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Bag of 15, Case of 150


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